For debugging purposes, you can use the Component Browser of the ATG Dynamo Server Admin to view records without submitting them to Oracle Endeca Commerce. To do this, access the page for a component that generates records and follow the instructions below.

ProductCatalogOutputConfig or CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig

The pages for the ProductCatalogOutputConfig and CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig components include a Test Document Generation section that you can use to view the output for a single repository item:

Fill in the repository ID of a product item (for the ProductCatalogOutputConfig component) or a category item (for the CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig component), and click Generate. The page will display the output records.

Click the Show Indexing Output Properties link to see descriptions of how the ATG repository-item properties are renamed in the Endeca records, based on the values of various EndecaIndexingOutputConfig properties. (See the EndecaIndexingOutputConfig Components section for information about these properties.)

RepositoryTypeDimensionExporter or SchemaExporter

The pages for the RepositoryTypeDimensionExporter and SchemaExporter components include a Show XML Output link. Each of these components produces a single output for the entire catalog. Click the link to view the output from the component.

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