Several property accessors are used by the CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig component to extract the values of various dimension value attributes from the data structures created by the CategoryTreeService component.

A component of class atg.endeca.index.accessor.ConstantValueAccessor, /atg/endeca/index/commerce/accessor/DimensionSpecPropertyAccessor, obtains the value of the dimval.dimension_spec attribute, which is a unique identifier for the dimension (typically product.category).

Several components of class atg.commerce.endeca.index.dimension.CategoryNodePropertyAccessor, also in the /atg/endeca/index/commerce/accessor/ Nucleus folder, obtain the values of various dimension value attributes. The following table lists these property accessors and describes the attributes they obtain values for:

Property Accessor



dimval.prop.category.rootCatalogId -- The repository ID of the root catalog the category belongs to (e.g., masterCatalog).


dimval.spec -- A unique identifier for the dimension value that includes the path information to distinguish it from other dimension values for the same category (e.g., rootCategory.cat10016.cat10014).


dimval.qualified_spec -- A qualified identifier for the dimension value consisting of the dimval.dimension_spec value and the dimval.spec value (e.g., product.category:rootCategory.cat10016.cat10014).


dimval.parent_spec -- A reference to the category’s parent category (e.g., rootCategory.cat10016).


dimval.display_order -- An integer specifying the order the category is displayed in, relative to its sibling categories.

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