The following are key properties of the atg.endeca.index.schema.SchemaExporter class and the default configuration of the /atg/endeca/index/commerce/SchemaExporter component of this class:


The component of class atg.endeca.index.EndecaIndexingOutputConfig whose definition file should be used for generating schema records. Set by default to:


The component (typically of class atg.endeca.index.RecordStoreDocumentSubmitter) to use to submit records to the CAS schema record store. (See Document Submitter Components for more information.) Set by default to:


An array of components of a class that implements the atg.endeca.index.schema.DimensionNameProvider interface. SchemaExporter uses these components to create references from attribute names to dimension names.

By default, dimensionNameProviders is set to:


When an indexing job is run, RepositoryTypeDimensionExporter outputs dimension value records for the item.type dimension from the product.type, sku.type, and other item-type attributes. When SchemaExporter outputs schema records, it checks with RepositoryTypeDimensionExporter to determine these associations, and outputs a schema record that creates references from these attribute names to the dimension name. For example:

   <PROP NAME="">
   <PROP NAME="attribute.source_name">
   <PROP NAME="attribute.display_name">
   <PROP NAME="">
   <PROP NAME="attribute.type">

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