You may also be able to reduce the size of your index by concatenating the values of text properties. For example, suppose each record represents a product whose SKUs have a color property, with values of red, green, blue, and yellow. The entries for color in a record might be:

<PROP NAME="sku.color">

By concatenating the values, you can reduce this to:

<PROP NAME="sku.color">
<PVAL>red green blue yellow</PVAL>

To combine these values into a single tag, specify the ConcatFilter class in the XML definition file:

<property name="color" filter="concat"/>

This setting invokes an instance of the class. Note that you do not need to create a Nucleus component to use this filter.

You can use both the unique and concat filters on the same property, by setting the value of the filter attribute to a comma-separated list. The filters are invoked in the order that they are listed, so it is important to put the unique filter first for it to have an effect. For example:

<property name="color" filter="unique,concat"/>

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