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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: July 2017



mailq - print the mail queue


/usr/bin/mailq [-Ac] [-q subarg] [-v]


The mailq utility displays a summary of the mail messages queued for future delivery.

The first line displayed for each mail message shows the internal identifier used on this host for the message, the size of the message in bytes, the date and time the message was accepted into the queue, and the envelope sender of the message. The second line of the display shows the error message that caused this message to be retained in the queue. This line will not be displayed if the message is being processed for the first time.

The mailq utility used to be identical to sendmail –bp. Now it checks for the authorization attribute, solaris.mail.mailq. If the check for the invoking user succeeds, sendmail –bp is executed with the remaining argument vector. Otherwise, an error message is printed. This authorization attribute is by default enabled for all users. It can be disabled by modifying the Basic Solaris User entry in prof_attr(4).


The following options are supported:


Like sendmail(1M), this flag tells mailq to use submit.cf rather than sendmail.cf even if the operation mode does not indicate an initial mail submission. This will result in the client queue /var/spool/clientmqueue being displayed rather than the default server queue /var/spool/mqueue.


Similar to –qtime, except that instead of periodically forking a child to process the queue, sendmail forks a single persistent child for each queue that alternates between processing the queue and sleeping. The sleep time is given as the argument. The sleep time default is 1 second. The process will always sleep at least 5 seconds if the queue was empty in the previous queue run.


Processes saved messages in the queue once and does not fork(), but runs in the foreground.

–qG name

Processes jobs in the queue group called name only.

–q[!]I substr

Limits processed jobs to those containing substr as a substring of the queue id, or not when ! is specified.

–q[!]R substr

Limits processed jobs to those containing substr as a substring of one of the recipients, or not when ! is specified.

–q[!]S substr

Limits processed jobs to those containing substr as a substring of the sender, or not when ! is specified.


Prints verbose information. This adds the priority of the message and a single character indicator (+ or blank) indicating whether a warning message has been sent on the first line of the message. Additionally, extra lines may be intermixed with the recipients that indicate the "controlling user" information. This shows who will own any programs that are executed on behalf of this message and the name of the alias this command is expanded from, if any.

Exit Status


Successful completion.


An error occurred.



local source for execution profile attributes


default server queue


client queue


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:


See Also

sendmail(1M), prof_attr(4), attributes(5)