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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: July 2017

ogl-select (1)


ogl-select - boot time selection of OpenGL vendor files


Please see following description for synopsis


ogl-select(1)               General Commands Manual              ogl-select(1)

       ogl-select - boot time selection of OpenGL vendor files

       ogl-select is a service for the Service Management Facility (SMF) under
       the identifier svc:/application/opengl/ogl-select  that  determines  at
       boot  time  which  vendor supplied OpenGL headers and libraries will be
       used.  The selection of the OpenGL vendor should be  automatic  and  in
       most  cases  will  not  require any configuration.  However, for system
       configurations with special needs a property can be used to select  the
       vendor.  The property is described in the SMF PROPERTIES section below.

       The  SMF  method  performs  the  automatic probe by querying the device
       driver attached to the primary framebuffer  device,  /dev/fb.   If  the
       name  reported  by  the driver matches the value advertised by a vendor
       registry, the rules in the vendor registry will be used to  select  the
       OpenGL  headers  and libraries.  The name reported by the driver can be
       verfied with constype(1).  If the system configuration does  not  match
       the desired OpenGL vendor, a SMF property can be used to force the ven-
       dor selection.

       Configuration properties for ogl-select program are managed by the ser-
       vice management facility, smf(5), under the service identifier:

       Use  svccfg(1M) to make configuration changes and to view configuration
       information for this service.

       These properties may be set for ogl-select:

              (Type astring) The vendor tag to use for  selecting  the  OpenGL
              headers  and  libraries, overriding the results of the automatic
              probe.    Available   vendors   can   be    found    with    'ls
              /lib/opengl/ogl_select/*_vendor_select'.  If the property is set
              to an unknown vendor tag, the method  will  default  to  "mesa".
              Setting  the  property to "" or "notset" causes it to be ignored
              and the results of the automatic probe are  used  instead.   The
              default value is "notset".


                                     The SMF manifest

       /lib/svc/method/ogl-select    The SMF method run by the manifest

                                     Vendor registry files scanned by the man-

       smf(5), svcadm(1M), svccfg(1M)

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |  ATTRIBUTE TYPE    |        ATTRIBUTE VALUE         |
       |Availability        | pkg:/service/opengl/ogl-select |
       |Interface Stability | Uncommitted                    |

                                  6 Jul 2010                     ogl-select(1)