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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: July 2017

winsysck (1)


winsysck - check which window system protocols are available


/usr/bin/winsysck [ -va ] [ -display displaystring ] [ -timeout seconds
] protocol [...]


winsysck(1)                 General Commands Manual                winsysck(1)

       winsysck - check which window system protocols are available

       /usr/bin/winsysck [ -va ] [ -display displaystring ] [ -timeout seconds
       ] protocol [...]

       The winsysck command determines if the specified window system protocol
       is  available  to  the user.  By default, the winsysck command exits as
       soon as the first available protocol is found, although this  behaviour
       can be modified by the -a option (see below).

       The  following  options can be used to modify the behaviour of the win-
       sysck command.

       -a     Continue to check the availability of  the  specified  protocols
              even  after  determining  that  one or more previously specified
              protocols are available.  This is not particularly useful  with-
              out the -v option (see below).

       -v     Print  the  name of the first available protocol on the standard
              output.  When combined with the -a option (see above), print the
              name  of  all  available protocols on the standard output, sepa-
              rated by newlines.

       -display displaystring
              Use the display displaystring when trying to  determine  if  the
              x11 protocol is available.

       -timeout seconds
              The  timeout  option  sets the number of seconds before the win-
              sysck will time out.

       The following are known values for protocol.

       x11    Determines if a connection can be made using the X11 Window Sys-
              tem protocol.

       news   Determines  if a connection can be made using the Network-exten-
              sible Window System protocol.

              Determines if connections can be made to an X11/NeWS server.  In
              addition  to  being able to establish connections using both the
              X11 Window System and Network-extensible  Window  System  proto-
              cols, this requires that these two connections actually interact
              with the same window server.

              Determines if connections can be made using the  SunView  Window
              System protocol.

       Determine if an X11 Window System connection can be made:

              example% if winsysck x11 ; then ...

       Determine if an X11 Window System connection can be made to the display

              example% if winsysck -display displayhost:0.0 x11 ; then ...

       Print the known protocols which are available:

              example% winsysck -v -a x11 news x11news sunview

       Print which window system should be used, given the preference for NeWS
       over SunView, and X11/NeWS over NeWS:

              example% winsysck -v x11news news sunview


       There  is  no way to determine whether a SunView connection is actually
       connected to an X11/NeWS server with SunView compatibility  enabled  or
       to a SunView server.

       winsysck  assumes that no system running this version of Oracle Solaris
       could be running SunView, NeWS, or X11/NeWS, so doesn't bother checking
       for anything but X11.

       None known.

       Exit  status  is 0 if any protocols are available, 1 if none are avail-
       able, 2 for usage errors.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE         |      ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
       |Availability                 |x11/session/winsysck         |
       |Interface Stability          |Obsolete                     |

                                  2 May 2014                       winsysck(1)