Assign the Correct User Roles to Create an Instance

If you are the user that initially signed up and purchased universal credits for Oracle Cloud, you automatically have the necessary service entitlement roles to create Oracle Integration instances. Otherwise, the correct roles must be explicitly assigned to your user account to create Oracle Integration instances. Without the necessary roles, instance creation fails.

To successfully create Oracle Integration instances, ensure that your user account is assigned the following role for these services:

  • Integration:

    Service Entitlement: AUTONOMOUS_INTEGRATION: CLOUD_ENTITLEMENT_ADMINISTRATOR (Autonomous Integration Cloud entitlement administrator role)

To know how to add new users and assign roles, see Add a User and Assign Roles to a User.


The Identity Cloud - Service Entitlement (Identity Domain Administrator) role has super user privileges for the identity domain. Users with this role can manage users, groups, applications, and system configuration settings. They can also perform delegated administration by assigning users to different administrative roles.