Change the BYOL Metering Option of an Existing Instance

The bring your own license (BYOL) metering option enables you to bring your existing Oracle Fusion Middleware license to use with Oracle Integration or other cloud services. You can change the BYOL metering option of an already existing instance, as necessary.

This feature is useful for the following scenarios:

  • You selected the wrong option when creating a new Oracle Integration instance and need to change it.
  • You need to shift the location of an on-premises license in the cloud. For example, you need to move the license from one Oracle Integration instance to another or even to a different type of cloud service instance such as Oracle SOA Cloud Service.
  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

  2. Click hamburger menu in the top left corner of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

  3. Select Platform Services, then Integration or Integration Classic.
  4. Click Menu icon adjacent to the instance you want to change and select Change License Type.
  5. Select the option required for your environment.
    • The first option enables you to select to bring an existing Oracle Fusion Middleware license to the cloud for use with Oracle Integration.
    • The second option enables you to select the regular billing rate (non-BYOL), which is a regular cloud subscription as if you did not own any on-premises licenses.

    In this example, which may have been metering as BYOL, the license is now switched to non-BYOL (the regular subscription rate). This action eliminates the need to recreate and upgrade your data to a new instance for a simple change such as the billing rate. In your next hourly metering report, this instance reflects the new billing rate. If you toggle back and forth within an hour, you most likely do not see any change because it is only reported once per hour.