Delete an Oracle Integration Instance

You can delete an Oracle Integration instance. To do so, you must delete the stack of which the instance is a part.

When an Oracle Integration instance is deleted, the Oracle Database Cloud Service database deployment is deleted.

If you want to delete an instance in an Oracle Integration Classic (user-managed) environment, see Delete an Oracle Integration Classic (User-Managed) Instance.
To delete an instance:
  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Click hamburger menu in the top left corner of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  3. Select Platform Services, then Integration.
  4. In the Oracle Integration Instances console, identify the instance you want to delete.
  5. Click Menu icon adjacent to the instance name and select Delete.
  6. In the Delete dialog that opens, select the Force service deletion check box, if you want the service instance to be deleted even if the database deployment cannot be reached to delete the database schemas.
  7. Click Delete.