Resume Use of a Suspended Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS Account

Your Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS account can be suspended under the following scenarios:

  • When you create an instance using an Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS account, you see options for Integration (Standard Edition) and Integration and Process (Enterprise Edition). If you create the instance without the corresponding entitlement, the account is suspended.
  • Nothing prevents you from creating instances or scaling instances to increase capacity that exceeds your account quota limit. When this occurs, your account is suspended.

If your account get suspended, here are some procedures to follow to resume use of your account.

  • If you create an instance that is not entitled (for example, you created an Integration and Process instance when using a Standard Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS account, you can delete the instance and wait for an hour or so to refresh your billing metrics, at which time the account is resumed.
  • If your account has the correct entitlement, but uses more resources than the quota limit, you can:
    • Order more resources to expand the account.
    • Stop some instances so that the total number of message packs in the running instances in the account stay within account quota. After an hour or so, the account can be resumed. Then, scale an instance to decrease capacity until the total usage is no more than the account quota. Then, start the previously stopped instance, as needed.
    • Delete an instance that is no longer needed to bring usage below the quota limit.