Subscribe to Regions Before Upgrading

Oracle has begun upgrading Oracle Integration instances to Oracle Integration Generation 2 instances. However, you may have received a notification email indicating that your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy is not subscribed to all the necessary regions. Follow these steps to quickly subscribe to all regions.

Subscribe to Regions Before Upgrade

Before upgrade, your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy must be subscribed to each region in which an Oracle Integration instance exists. For example, if Ashburn is your home region, but you created an Oracle Integration instance in the Phoenix region, the tenancy must be subscribed to the Phoenix region.

  1. Locate the region for each of your Oracle Integration instances.
    1. From the list of your instances, select each instance.

    2. Click Dots icon in the top right corner of the page.

    3. Locate the region.

    4. Repeat these steps for all other instances.
  2. Subscribe to regions, as needed.
    1. Open the console, open the Region menu, and click Manage Regions. The list of regions available to your tenancy is displayed. Your home region is labeled.
    2. Locate the region you want to subscribe to and click Subscribe. It may take several minutes to activate your tenancy in the new region.
    3. Repeat these steps to subscribe to all unsubscribed regions of an Oracle Integration instance. You can manage infrastructure regions. See Managing Regions.

About Oracle Integration Generation 2

Oracle Integration Generation 2 is the next generation of the Oracle Integration platform. For more information, see Oracle Integration (OIC) Generation 2 is now available in all cloud tenancies.

When scheduled for the upgrade, you’ll receive an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure notification and see a banner on your Oracle Integration home page indicating that your instance will be upgraded.

Have more questions?

If you still have questions after reviewing Upgrading to Oracle Integration Generation 2, log a service request at My Oracle Support.