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Oracle® Server X8-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2021

Populating DIMMs in Dual-Processor Systems for Optimal System Performance

In dual-processor systems, populate DIMMs into DIMM slots starting with processor 0 (P0) D7, then, alternating between slots associated with processor 0 (P0) and matching slots for processor 1 (P1). Fill the black slots, and then the white slots, as shown in the following figure.

image:Figure showing the DIMM population order for dual-processor                     systems.

The following table describes the proper order in which to install DIMMs in a dual-processor system using the numbered callouts in the above figure, and the DIMM slot labels (D0 through D11).

Population Order
Processor/DIMM Slot
Populate black slots first in the following order:
  1. P0/D7

  2. P1/D7

  3. P0/D4

  4. P1/D4

  5. P0/D9

  6. P0/D2

  7. P1/D9

  8. P1/D2

  9. P0/D11

  10. P0/D0

  11. P1/D11

  12. P1/D0

After black slots have been populated, populate white slots in the following order:
  1. P0/D6

  2. P1/D6

  3. P0/D5

  4. P1/D5

  5. P0/D8

  6. P0/D3

  7. P1/D8

  8. P1/D3

  9. P0/D10

  10. P0/D1

  11. P1/D10

  12. P1/D01