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Oracle® Server X8-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2021

Remove a Storage Drive

  1. Prepare the system for the drive removal.

    See Take Antistatic Measures.

  2. Identify the location of the drive that you want to remove.

    For storage drive locations, see Storage Drive Locations and Numbering.

  3. Remove the storage drive.
  4. Push the latch release button to open the drive latch [1].
    image:Figure showing the location of the hard drive release button                                 and latch.


    Caution  -  The latch is not an ejector. Do not open the latch too far to the right. Doing so can damage the latch.

  5. Grasp the latch and pull the drive out of the drive slot [2].
  6. Consider your next steps:
    • If you are replacing the drive, continue to Install a Storage Drive.

    • If you are not replacing the drive, install a filler panel in the empty drive slot to maintain proper airflow and perform administrative tasks to configure the server to operate without the drive.

      For information on how to install a storage drive filler panel, see Remove and Install Filler Panels.

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