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Oracle® Server X8-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2021

Remove an M.2 Flash SSD

  1. Perform the steps to remove the M.2 mezzanine containing the M.2 flash SSDs from PCIe riser.

    See Remove an M.2 Mezzanine. Place the M.2 mezzanine on an antistatic mat.

  2. Using your fingers, push the plastic retainer clip through the M.2 mezzanine to release the M.2 flash SSD from the mezzanine. [1].
    image:Figure showing an M.2 flash SSD being removed from an M.2                             mezzanine.
  3. Remove the plastic retainer clip from the M.2 flash SSD.
  4. Remove the M.2 flash SSD from the mezzanine [2].
    1. Lift up on the end of the M.2 flash SSD where the plastic retainer clip was removed by one-half to one inch.
    2. Gently slide the M.2 flash SSD card rearward and out of the connector to disengage the SSD contacts from the mezzanine socket.

      Place the M.2 flash SSD on an antistatic mat.

  5. Repeat Step 2 through Step 4 to remove the second M.2 flash SSD from the opposite side of the M.2 mezzanine.

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