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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Localizations for India

2 Understanding Localizations for India

3 Understanding Service Tax

4 Setting Up Localizations for India

5 Setting Up Legal Documents for Tax and Export Invoices

6 Setting Up the Advanced Pricing System for India Taxes

7 Calculating Taxes for India Based on Landed Costs

8 Understanding Excise Tax

9 Setting Up the System for Excise Tax

10 Working with Excise Tax for 100 Percent Export-Oriented Units

11 Processing Excise-Exempt Consignments

12 Working with Excise Registers

13 Working with the Excise ER1 and ER3 Reports

14 Working with Cenvat Credit in India

15 Understanding VAT

16 Working with Service Tax

17 Setting Up the System for VAT

18 Understanding Sales Tax

19 Entering Form Details for Sales Tax and Purchase Tax Concession

20 Working with Transactions for Sales Tax

21 Understanding Purchase Tax

22 Working with Transactions for Purchase Tax

23 Understanding TCS

24 Working with TCS Prepayments and Payments

25 Understanding TDS and WCT

26 Setting Up the System for TDS and WCT

27 Calculating TDS

28 Working with Vouchers for TDS and WCT

29 Processing Tax and Export Invoices

30 Using Additional Reports in India

31 Setting Up the System for GST (Release 9.1 Update)

A Text File Fields Output for Form 26 Q in India

B Text File Fields Output for Form 27 Q in India

C Text File Fields Output for Form 27EQ in India