Siebel Wireless Administration Guide For Financial Services


How This Guide Is Organized

Revision History

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Getting Started

Architecture Overview

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Installing Siebel Wireless

Installation Prerequisites

Wireless-Enabled Devices

Siebel Web Client Administrator Access

Setting Up Web Servers to Support WML MIME Types

External IP Address

Incremental Installation and Configuration

Required Server Components

Required Siebel Component Groups

Server Configuration Files

Assigning Wireless Responsibilities to Users

Tuning Performance and Scalability

Auto Login and Auto Registration

Setting the Default Auto Login Level

The Auto Registration Process

Setting Auto Login Permissions

Siebel Data Required by the Auto Login Feature

Authentication and Access Control

Directory Server Support for Trusted Auto-Login

International Code Page Support

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Configuring Siebel Wireless

Configuring with Server Configuration Files

Altering the Number of Records Returned by Lists

Turning Off Case Sensitivity

Configuring Main Menu Layout and Record Order

Cfg File Settings

Configuring Record Order

Removing an Application

Configuring with Siebel Tools

Supported Classes

Supported HTML Types

Supported Methods

Preventing Picklists from Displaying a Blank Line

Rerouting Users to Different Views

Detail Applet Control Layout

Masking Passwords

Setting Up Currency Fields for Banking and Brokerage

Local Phone Numbers

Configuring Template Files and XSL

Designing with Templates

Template File Overview

XML Web Interface and HTML Browser Support

XSL Stylesheet File Overview

Managing Browser Types

Supporting Wireless Requests with Multiple Markup Languages

Configuring Predefined Queries (PDQs)

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Using Siebel Wireless

Using the Mobile Device

Scroll Keys

Soft Keys

Connecting and Logging In

Logging Off

Entering Text

General Tips


Clearing Text

Entering Dates

Entering Times

Entering Phone Numbers

Entering Currency

Primary Contacts and Accounts


Personalizing Your Wireless Device

Mobile Devices

Message Delivery

Mobile Alerts

Main Menu Layout

Record Order

Screens and Views

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Using Wireless Banking and Brokerage

Main Menu


Accounts Links

Working with Accounts Details

Account Detail Links

Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer Links


Portfolio Links

Working with Holdings Details

Holdings Detail Links


Applications Links

Pay Bills

Paying a Bill

Seeing a Scheduled Bill Payment

Usage Scenario for Siebel Wireless Banking and Brokerage

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Using Wireless eFinance and eInsurance

Main Menu


Calendar Links


Searching for a Contact

Contact Links

Working with Contact Details

Contact Detail Links


Searching for a Company

Company Links

Working with Company Details

Company Detail Links


Searching for an Activity

Activity Links

Working with Activity Details

Activity Detail Links

Opportunities (Sales Only)

Searching for an Opportunity

Opportunity Links

Working with Opportunity Details

Opportunity Detail Links

Service Requests (Service Only)

Searching for a Service Request

Service Request Links

Working with Service Request Details

Service Request Detail Links


Searching for Correspondence Templates

Correspondence Links

Working with Correspondence Details

Correspondence Detail Links

Common Scenarios

Usage Scenario for Siebel Wireless Sales

Usage Scenario for Siebel Wireless Service

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Troubleshooting Siebel Wireless Problems

Error Message Appears When Using Back Button

Activity Description Is Lost

Digest Too Large

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Siebel Mobile Connector

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WAP Server Deployment Options

Carrier Option

Enterprise Option

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 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide For Financial Services
 Published: 18 April 2003