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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Blend Management

2 Setting Up JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Blend Management

3 Setting Up Blend Facilities

4 Setting Up Lot Attributes

5 Defining EURs and Validating EUR Product Specifications

6 Setting Up Vessels

7 Setting Up Operations

8 Setting Up Quality Management

9 Defining Work Orders and Templates

10 Setting Up Costing

11 Defining Configured Grid Columns

12 Entering Basic Operations

13 Entering Additional Operations

14 Managing Operations

15 Performing Trial Blending

16 Managing Lot Attributes

17 Managing Quality

18 Applying Harvest Cost-Component Changes to Blend Lots (Release 9.1 Update)

19 Performing Cost Accounting

20 Tracing and Tracking Operations

21 Generating the Wine Premises Operations Report (Form 5120.17)

22 Working With Blend Management Interoperability

A Blend Management Reports, Views, and Inquiries

B Additional Charts and Tables