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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: December 2017

How to Add a Device_Clean Script in Trusted Extensions

If no device_clean script is specified at the time a device is created, the default script, /bin/true, is used.

Before You Begin

Have ready a script that purges all usable data from the physical device and that returns 0 for success. For devices with removable media, the script attempts to eject the media if the user does not do so. The script puts the device into the allocate error state if the medium is not ejected. For details about the requirements, see the device_clean(5) man page.

You must be in the root role in the global zone.

  1. Copy the script into the /etc/security/lib directory.
  2. In the Device Properties dialog box, specify the full path to the script.
    1. Open the Device Manager.
    2. Click the Administration button.
    3. Select the name of the device, and click the Configure button.
    4. In the Clean Program field, type the full path to the script.
  3. Save your changes.