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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: December 2017

Add Trusted Extensions Packages to an Oracle Solaris System

Before You Begin

You must be assigned the Software Installation rights profile.

  1. After logging in as the initial user, assume the root role in a terminal window.
    % su -
    Enter Password: xxxxxxxx
  2. Download and install the Trusted Extensions packages.
    • For systems that run a multilevel desktop, install the following package:
      # pkg install system/trusted/trusted-extensions
    • For a headless system or a server that does not require a multilevel desktop, install the following packages:
      # pkg install system/trusted
      # pkg install system/trusted/trusted-global-zone
  3. To install trusted locales, specify the short name for the locale.

    For example, the following command installs the Japanese locale:

    # pkg install system/trusted/locale/ja