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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: December 2017

Customizing the User Environment for Security

The following task map describes common tasks that you can perform when customizing a system for all users, or when customizing an individual user's account. Many of these tasks are performed before regular users can log in.

Table 18  Customizing the User Environment for Security Task Map
For Instructions
Change label attributes.
Modify label attributes, such as minimum label and default label view, for a user account.
Change Trusted Extensions policy for all users of a system.
Changes the policy.conf file.
Turns on the screensaver or logs out the user after a set amount of time that the system is idle.
Removes unnecessary privileges from all regular users of a system.
Prevents labels from appearing on printed output at a public kiosk.
Configure initialization files for users.
Configures startup files, such as .bashrc, .cshrc, .copy_files, and .emacs for all users.
Log in to a failsafe session.
Fixes faulty user initialization files.