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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: December 2017

Label Builder in Trusted Extensions

The label builder GUI supplies your choice of a valid label or clearance when a program requires you to assign a label. For example, a label builder appears during desktop login (see Chapter 2, Logging In to Trusted Extensions in Trusted Extensions User’s Guide). The label builder also appears when you change the label of a workspace, or when you assign a label to a user, zone, or network interface. The following label builder appears when you assign a label range to a new device.

image:Label builder shows the available labels for Workspace 3. Currently, the Trusted Path label is chosen.

In the label builder, component names in the Classification column correspond to the CLASSIFICATIONS section in the label_encodings file. The component names in the Sensitivity column correspond to the WORDS section under the SENSITIVITY section in the label_encodings file.

Developers can construct label builders for their applications by using the tgnome-selectlabel command. Type tgnome-selectlabel -h to display the online help. Also, see Chapter 6, Label Builder GUI in Trusted Extensions Developer’s Guide.