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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: December 2017

Configuring an LDAP Proxy Server on a Trusted Extensions System

Use this task map if you have an existing Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition that is running on an Oracle Solaris system.

Table 9  Configuring an LDAP Proxy Server on a Trusted Extensions System Task Map
For Instructions
Add Trusted Extensions databases to the server.
The Trusted Extensions network databases, tnrhdb and tnrhtp, need to be added to the LDAP server.
Set up an LDAP proxy server.
Make one Trusted Extensions system the proxy server for the other Trusted Extensions systems. These other systems use this proxy server to reach the LDAP server.
Configure the proxy server to have a multilevel port for LDAP.
Enable the Trusted Extensions proxy server to communicate with the LDAP server at specific labels.
Configure all other Trusted Extensions systems as clients of the LDAP proxy server.
When you configure another system with Trusted Extensions, make the system a client of the LDAP proxy server.