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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: December 2017

Troubleshooting Your Trusted Extensions Configuration

A misconfigured desktop can prevent use of the system.

How to Move Desktop Panels to the Bottom of the Screen

Note -  If you have moved desktop panels to the top of the screen, the Trusted Extensions trusted stripe covers them. The panels must be on the side or at the bottom of the workspace. A default workspace has two desktop panels.

Before You Begin

You must be in the root role to change the desktop panel location for the system.

  1. If you have one visible desktop panel at the bottom of the screen, perform one of the following actions:
    • Use the right mouse button to add applets to the visible panel.
    • Move the second, hidden desktop panel to the bottom of the screen by performing the following step.
  2. Otherwise, create a bottom desktop panel for your login only, or for all users of the system.
    • To move the panels for your login only, edit the top_panel_screenn file in your home directory.
      1. Change to the directory that contains the file that defines the panel locations.
        % cd $HOME/.gconf/apps/panel/toplevels
        % ls
        %gconf.xml    bottom_panel_screen0/   top_panel_screen0/
        % cd top_panel_screen0
        % ls
        %gconf.xml             top_panel_screen0/
      2. Edit the %gconf.xml file, which defines the location of the top panels.
        % vi %gconf.xml
      3. Find all orientation lines, and replace the string top with bottom.

        For example, make the orientation line appear similar to the following:

        /toplevels/orientation" type="string">
    • To move the panels for all users of the system, modify the desktop configuration.

      In a terminal window in the root role, perform the following commands:

      # export SETUPPANEL="/etc/gconf/schemas/panel-default-setup.entries"
      # export TMPPANEL="/tmp/panel-default-setup.entries"
      # sed 's/<string>top<\/string>/<string>bottom<\/string>/' $SETUPPANEL > $TMPPANEL
      # svcadm restart gconf-cache
  3. Log out of the system and log in again.

    If you have more than one desktop panel, the panels stack at the bottom of the screen.