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Oracle® SuperCluster M7 Series Administration Guide

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Updated: March 2017

Configuring CPU and Memory Resources (osc-setcoremem)

This section describes how to configure Oracle SuperCluster CPU and memory resources using osc-setcoremem.

Use these topics to change CPU and memory allocations for domains using the CPU/Memory tool called osc-setcoremem.

Learn about the CPU/Memory tool.
Find out if SuperCluster resources can be modified using the CPU/Memory tool.
Plan CPU and memory allocations.
Identify domain configurations.
Display command line help for the non-interactive options.
Configure domain CPU and memory resources at the socket or core level.
Configure domain CPU and memory resources so that some resources are parked.
Access information about previous executions of osc-setcoremem.
Revert to or remove a previous CPU/memory configuration.
Reset the CPU and memory configuration to the factory default configuration.