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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Configure ssctuner to Run compliance(1M) Benchmarks

Use this procedure to configure ssctuner to run compliance benchmarks.

The assessment begins within 12 minutes and then to reruns after each time the node is rebooted.

By default, this variable is set to none., but you must enable this feature.

  1. Identify available benchmarks.

    In this example, two benchmarks are available, pci-dss and solaris.

    # compliance list -b
    pci-dss solaris
  2. Set the ssctuner SMF variable to the chosen benchmark.

    This example uses the solaris benchmark, which runs the recommended profile.

    # svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/COMPLIANCE_RUN=solaris
    # svcadm restart ssctuner
  3. Verify that the compliance run is scheduled by viewing the SMF log file.

    Note -  Compliance runs are staggered to prevent DOS attacks on the ZFS storage appliance.
    # grep compliance /var/svc/log/site-application-sysadmin-ssctuner\:default.log
    [ Nov 16 11:47:54 notice: Performing compliance run after delay of 519 seconds... ]