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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Configure the EMAIL_ADDRESS Property

You must configure the EMAIL_ADDRESS property so that ssctuner messages are emailed to the appropriate person, even when the message is not logged into the system.

  1. Configure the ssctuner so that critical messages are sent to your email address.
    ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/EMAIL_ADDRESS="my_name@mycorp.com"
  2. If you plan to change any other ssctuner properties, do so before you perform the remaining steps in this task.

    See Change ssctuner Properties and Disable Features.

  3. Restart the SMF service for changes to take effect.
    # svcadm restart ssctuner
  4. Ensure that the ssctuner service is enabled and no error messages are reported.

    If you changed a property using incorrect syntax, the service does not come back. If this happens, identify the offending property that you must fix.

    # grep -i parameter /var/svc/log/site-application-sysadmin-ssctuner:default.log

    After making any corrections or changes, repeat Step 3.

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