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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Change ssctuner Properties and Disable Features


Caution  -  Do not perform this procedure without Oracle Support approval. Changing properties or disabling ssctuner features can have unpredictable consequences.

Changing certain ssctuner properties such as disk or memory usage warning levels might be advantageous in some environments.

  1. List the ssctuner properties to identify the property you want to change.
    # svccfg -s ssctuner listprop 'ssctuner_vars/*'
    ssctuner_vars/CRIT_THREADS_FIX          boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/CRIT_THREADS_NONEXA       boolean     false
    ssctuner_vars/DISK_SPACE_CHECK          boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/DISK_USAGE_CRIT           integer     90
    ssctuner_vars/DISK_USAGE_WARN           integer     85
    ssctuner_vars/DISM_CHECK                boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/EMAIL_ADDRESS             astring     root@localhost
    ssctuner_vars/EMAIL_MESSAGES            boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/FORCELOAD_VDC             boolean     false
    ssctuner_vars/INTRD_DISABLE             boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/ISCSI_TUNE                boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/MAJOR_INTERVAL            integer     120
    ssctuner_vars/MEM_USAGE_CRIT            integer     97
    ssctuner_vars/MEM_USAGE_WARN            integer     94
    ssctuner_vars/MINOR_INTERVAL            integer     2
    ssctuner_vars/NDD_TUNE                  boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/NFS_CHECK                 boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/NFS_EXCLUDE               astring
    ssctuner_vars/NFS_INCLUDE               astring
    ssctuner_vars/NTPCONF_TUNE              boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/POWERADM_DISABLE          boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/SDCONF_TUNE               boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/SERD_THRESHOLD_TUNE       boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/SSDCONF_TUNE              boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/SYSLOG_DUP_SUPPRESS_HOURS integer     8
    ssctuner_vars/SYSTEM_TUNE               boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/ZPOOL_FIX                 boolean     true
    ssctuner_vars/ZPOOL_NAME_CUST           astring 
  2. Use the svccfg command to change property settings.

    These are examples of properties you might need to change:

    • Change the disk (/ and zone roots) usage warning level to 80%.
      ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/DISK_USAGE_WARN=80
    • For cases when you run Oracle Databases in Application Domains, setting this property to true enables ssctuner to change thread priorities as it does in Database Domains. By default, the value is false.
      ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/CRIT_THREADS_NONEXA=true
    • Enable zpool check and repair of vdisk zpools that are not generated by the SuperCluster installer.
      ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/ZPOOL_NAME_CUST=my_vdisk_pool
    • Exclude NFS mounts from warning mechanisms.
      ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/NFS_EXCLUDE='mount_name_or_device'
    • Include NFS mounts in warning mechanism (overrides exclude).
      ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/NFS_INCLUDE='mount_name_or_device'
    • Disable all NFS mount warnings (not recommended).
      ~# svccfg -s ssctuner setprop ssctuner_vars/NFS_CHECK=false

    The NFS_EXCLUDE, NFS_INCLUDE and ZPOOL_NAME_CUST properties must be simple strings but you can use simple regular expressions.

    If you need the flexibility of regular expressions, be extremely careful to double quote the expressions. Also verify that the ssctuner service comes back after restarting and that there are no errors are in the SMF log file.

  3. Restart the SMF service for changes to take effect.
    # svcadm restart ssctuner
  4. Ensure that the ssctuner service is enabled and no error messages are reported.

    If you changed a property using incorrect syntax, the service does not come back. If this happens, identify the offending property that you must fix.

    # grep -i parameter /var/svc/log/site-application-sysadmin-ssctuner:default.log

    After making any corrections or changes, repeat Step 3.

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