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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Guidelines for Modifying the Base Configuration File

Use the following guidelines when you are manually editing the base configuration file, or when you are editing the base configuration template that was generated by the osc-setcoremem command.

  • Each row in the file contains information that pertains to a single eligible domain.

    DEDICATED and ROOT domains are the only domain types that are eligible. Any domain that is not a ROOT domain is treated as a DEDICATED domain. I/O Domains are not included in the base configuration file.

  • There are no optional values. Each of the columns must contain a value. Integer fields are expected to have a positive non-zero value.

  • On each line, separate each column with one or more white spaces or preferably with a tab.

  • Prepend each insignificant line with a # symbol. These lines will be treated as comments.

  • Core count should be evenly divisible by the total core count per processor that was specified with the –platform option. For example, 24 is a valid core count. Sixteen or 20 is not a valid core count when an M6 configuration is being simulated, because each M6 processor has 12 cores.

  • Memory capacity should be a multiple of 16. The minimum memory capacity is 16 GB. For example, 1024 GB is a valid memory capacity but 1000 GB is not.

  • Limit domain names to a maximum 48 characters. Domain names that are longer that 48 characters are automatically truncated to 48 characters during simulation.

  • Acceptable inputs for ROOT & DOMAIN and SERVICE DOMAIN columns include YES, NO, Y, N, yes, no, y, and n.

  • You can choose any file name for this edited base configuration file.

  • To minimize validation errors or unexpected results, simulate an actual supported configuration rather than a fictional configuration.

  • You can perform simulations as any user (root or non-root) on both SuperCluster and non-SuperCluster nodes.

The format of the base configuration file is shown below.

#DOMAIN        ROOT        SERVICE      SOCKET     CORE      MEMORY     HCA
#NAME          DOMAIN      DOMAIN       COUNT      COUNT     GB         COUNT
#<STRING>      YES|NO      YES|NO       <INT>      <INT>     <INT>      <INT>

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