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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Enable ssctuner

Usually ssctuner is running. If for some reason ssctuner is not running, use this procedure to enable it.

  1. Enable ssctuner.
    # svcadm enable ssctuner
  2. Verify that the ssctuner service started.
    # svcs ssctuner

    If the service does not transition to an online state after a minute or two, check the service log file. See View Log Files.

  3. Check the /var/adm/messages log file to see if ssctuner changed any configuration file settings.

    See View Log Files.

    If configuration settings changed, you must reboot the OS for the changes to take effect. If settings did not change, you do not need to reboot the OS.

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