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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Configure Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware Manager

Perform this procedure to prepare Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware Manager for use by Oracle Service personnel, or any time you want to change the tool's passwords.

  1. Obtain a copy of your installation summary.
  2. In a browser, enter this address:


    To find the address of your master control domain, refer to your installation summary.

    The Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware Manager login screen is displayed.

    image:A screen shot showing the log in screen.
  3. Log in to the admin account.

    The user name is admin. the password is provided in your installation summary.

    Tip  -  To access online help, click the More details link in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Configure the password policy for these accounts so that it matches your corporate policy.

    Refer to Setup > Authentication > Password Policy.

  5. Change the default passwords for the admin and service accounts.

    Refer to Setup > Authentication > User Management.

  6. Update component passwords.

    Refer to Setup > Authentication > Component Access.

    This step is mandatory so that Oracle Service personnel can use the tool to manage SuperCluster components. For details on which component passwords are required see Engineered Systems Hardware Manager Overview.

  7. (Optional) Configure Oracle Engineered Systems Manager to use your own certificates instead of the site- and instance-specific certificates that the tool generates.

    Refer to Setup > Certificates.

  8. (Optional) Change network ports if they conflict with your environment.

    For example, if an application running on Oracle SuperCluster uses the same port that Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware Manager uses (ports 8001 to 8004), you or Oracle Service can configure Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware Manager to use a different port.

    Refer to Setup > Network.

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