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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Prepare the ASR Environment

Before You Begin

Before installing ASR, ensure the following conditions are met:

  1. Create a My Oracle Support (MOS) account at http://support.oracle.com.

    Ensure the following are correctly set up:

    • Oracle Premier Support for Systems or Oracle/Sun Limited Warranty

    • Technical contact responsible for SuperCluster M7

    • Valid shipping address for SuperCluster M7 parts

  2. Identify and designate a system to serve as ASR Manager.

    For more information, see:


    Click additional details, then click Hardware and Network Configuration Recommendations.

  3. Identify and verify ASR assets.
  4. Ensure connectivity to the Internet using HTTPS.

    You may need to open certain ports to your datacenter. For more information, see the Oracle ASR Security White Paper, located here:


    Click on the Oracle ASR user documentation link.

  5. Provide the necessary information in the following documents:
    • SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Site Checklists

    • SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Configuration Worksheets