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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Advantages to Maintaining Multiple Boot Environments

Multiple boot environments reduce risk when updating or changing software, because system administrators can create backup boot environments before making any updates to the system. If needed, administrators have the option of booting a backup boot environment.

These examples show how having more than one Oracle Solaris boot environment and managing them with the beadm utility can be useful.

  • You can maintain more than one boot environment on your SuperCluster system and perform various updates on each of them as needed. For example, you can clone a boot environment by using the beadm create command. The clone you create is a bootable copy of the original. Then, you can install, test, and update different software packages on the original boot environment and on its clone.

    Although only one boot environment can be active at a time, you can mount an inactive boot environment by using the beadm mount command. Then, you can use the pkg command with the alternate root (-R) option to install or update specific packages on that environment.

  • If you are modifying a boot environment, you can take a snapshot of that environment at any stage during modifications by using the beadm create command. For example, if you are doing monthly upgrades to your boot environment, you can capture snapshots for each monthly upgrade. See Create a Snapshot of a Boot Environment.

For more information about the advantages of multiple Oracle Solaris 11 boot environments, go to:


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