This section describes commands that you can use to export most types of Workbench content.

Exporting Workbench content

The exportApplication command exports most Workbench content associated with your application to a target directory either in a .zip file or as unzipped files. The exportApplication command overwrites existing content; it does not update it.

The syntax of the exportApplication command is as follows: IFCR exportApplication target 


Exporting Specified Portions of Workbench Content

The exportContent command can export specified portions of Workbench content to a specified folder either in a .zip file or as unzipped files: IFCR exportContent relative_path 


For example, the following command exports thesaurus content to the /import folder in unzipped files: IFCR exportContent thesaurus /localdisk/apps/Discover/config/import/thesaurus true

The following command, however, exports the thesaurus content to the /import folder in a .zip file named "": IFCR exportContent thesaurus /localdisk/apps/Discover/config/import

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