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man pages section 7: Device and Network Interfaces

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Updated: July 2017



igbvf - Intel Gigabit Ethernet Virtual Function Driver




The igbvf Gigabit Ethernet driver is a multi-threaded, loadable, clonable, GLD-based STREAMS driver supporting the Data Link Provider Interface, dlpi(7P), on the Virtual Function of Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet controller.

The igbvf driver functions include Virtual Function initialization, frame transmit and receive, promiscuous and multicast support, and error recovery and reporting.

The igbvf driver works on the Virtual Function of Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet controller only when the SRIOV capability of the controller is enabled.


The igbvf driver is managed by the dladm(1M) command line utility, which allows VLANs to be defined on top of igbvf instances and for igbvf instances to be aggregated. See dladm(1M) for more details.

The igbvf driver does not support link configuration. The link configuration is controlled by the Physical Function of the 82576 controller, which is supported by the igb(7D) driver.



Special character device


64-bit device driver (x86)


64-bit device driver (SPARC)


Configuration file

See Also

dladm(1M), ndd(1M), netstat(1M), netstat(1M), driver.conf(4), dlpi(7P), igb(7D), streamio(7I)

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