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man pages section 9: DDI and DKI Properties and Data Structures

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Updated: Friday, August 13, 2021



copyresp - STREAMS data structure for the M_IOCDATA message type


#include <sys/stream.h> 

Interface Level

Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI)


The data structure copyresp is used with the M_IOCDATA message type.

Structure Members

int      cp_cmd;       /* ioctl command (from ioc_cmd) */
cred_t   *cp_cr;       /* full credentials */
uint_t   cp_id;        /* ioctl id (from ioc_id) */
uint_t   cp_flag;      /* ioctl flags */
mblk_t   *cp_private;  /* private state information */
caddr_t  cp_rval;      /* status of request: 0 -> success; 
                       /* non-zero -> failure */

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