An audience represents a segment of the shoppers that visit your store. You define an audience by creating a set of rules based on attributes of the shopper profile. You can create promotions that can be claimed only by shoppers who are members of specific audiences. For example, a 20% off store-wide promotion could apply only to employees of a certain company or shoppers with a high average order value.

When you create a promotion, you use the Target Audience field on the Availability tab to select the audiences whose members are eligible for the promotion. If you select one or more audiences, the promotion is valid only for members of those audiences. If the Target Audience field contains no audiences, all shoppers are eligible for the promotion, assuming they meet the other qualifying conditions.

You can select both enabled and disabled audiences for a promotion. If you select a disabled audience, the promotion is not valid for that audience until you enable the audience.

If an audience you added to a promotion is later deleted, Commerce Cloud does not automatically remove the deleted audience from the promotion, but adds an icon that indicates it has been deleted. You should remove deleted audiences from the promotion. If all the audiences associated with a promotion are deleted, the promotion will never be available to any shoppers.

See Define Audiences for more information about creating and managing audiences.

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