This widget enables shoppers to quickly add known items to their shopping cart by entering a combination of product name, and/or SKU ID, either in their entirety, or part thereof.

In order to use the Quick Order layout/widget, the following tasks must be performed:

  1. Any product property that you would like a shopper to be able to search for on the quick order page must be visible on the storefront and marked as “Allow Property to be Searched” in the product type in the catalog. Refer to the Property types section of this document for further information.

  2. Add the properties from the previous step to the TypeAhead searchable field ranking list, as described in the Add fields to the searchable field ranking list, and Understand the searchable field ranking list sections of this document.

  3. You have the option to configure the maximum number of items to add to the cart, and the default number of rows that appear on the Quick Order widget within the widget Settings.

  4. Place the Quick Order widget in a Popup stack. Refer to the Add popup stacks section of this document for further information.

This widget is available for all layouts.

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