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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Using This Documentation

This manual provides instructions for performing diagnostics for your server. It is intended for technicians, system administrators, and authorized Oracle service providers, and users who have experience managing system hardware, and includes information on other applications or utilities that you might find useful, such as NIC Teaming.

Getting the Latest Firmware and Software

Firmware, drivers, and other hardware-related software for each Oracle x86 server, server module (blade), and blade chassis are updated periodically.

You can obtain the latest version in one of three ways:

  • Oracle System Assistant – This is a factory-installed option for Sun Oracle x86 servers. It has all the tools and drivers you need and resides on a USB drive installed in most servers.

  • My Oracle Support – https://support.oracle.comMy Oracle Support:

For more information, see Getting Server Module Firmware and Software.

Documentation and Feedback

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Oracle ILOM

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About This Documentation

This documentation set is available in both PDF and HTML. The information is presented in topic-based format (similar to online help) and therefore does not include chapters, appendixes, or section numbering.

Change History

The following lists the release history of this documentation set:

  • December 2011. Initial publication.

  • May 2012. Added NIC Teaming and HWdiag.

  • April 2014. Added UEFI diagnostic tests and updates to support ILOM 3.2.x

  • October 2014. Added new option to UEFI diagnostic tests.

  • April 2015. Technical corrections and editorial improvements.

  • January 2016. Technical updates.

  • June 2016. Updated information for UEFI Diagnostics Tests.