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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Preboot Menu Command Summary

Description and Options
Boots the SP. The Preboot menu closes and the SP boots.

Note -  This command executes a modified boot sequence that does not offer the choice to select the diagnostic level, or to interrupt the boot sequence and return to the Preboot menu. To execute the normal boot sequence, use the reset warm command instead.

Displays version information including the hardware type, board revision, Oracle ILOM revision, revisions of PBSW and recovery U-Boot. Shows the checksum integrity of the images, and the preference between redundant images.
Displays a list of commands and parameters.
Displays a list of SP settings.
Starts an interactive dialog that prompts and changes settings one by one. See Use the edit Command to Configure the Preboot Menu for details.
Runs the U-Boot diagnostic tests in manual mode. For more on U-Boot diagnostic tests, see U-Boot Diagnostic Start-Up Tests.
{ config | dhcp | ping | flash }
  • config - Starts a dialog that allows you to change the Oracle ILOM network settings.

  • dhcp - Changes the network addressing from static to DHCP.

    Note -  You must set ipdiscovery=dhcp using the net config command first.

  • ping - Sends a ping.

  • flash - Downloads an Oracle ILOM firmware image. See Recover the SP Firmware Image Using the Preboot Menu.

    Type help net command for more details on these commands.

{[warm ]| cold }. Resets the SP and the host.
  • warm - Resets the SP without affecting a running host.

  • cold - Resets the SP and the host. Powers off the server.

{ ilom_conf | most | all }
Causes the specified values to return to defaults the next time Oracle ILOM boots.

Note -  Oracle ILOM operates as it was until it is rebooted. None of these options erases the dynamic FRU PROMs.

  • ilom_conf - Resets configuration settings but preserves SP network and baudrate, preferred, and check_physical_presence.

  • most - Resets the SP data storage, but preserves network settings and baudrate, preferred, and check_physical_presence settings.

    Note -  The most option is not available on ILOM 3.2.2 or newer.

  • all - Resets all SP data storage and settings.

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