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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

cpu cpuid

The cpu cpuid command executes the x86 CPU Identification (CPUID) instruction given EAX and optional ECX. EAX and ECX are x86 general purpose execution registers. See the Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual or any x86 assembly language manual for information on how to use the CPU Identification instruction.

Without EAX, this command displays Brand String embedded in CPUID EAX of 80000002h-80000005h.

Command Syntax

udiag cpu cpuid <EAX> [<ECX>]

udiag cpu cpuid


Specifies the value for EAX before CPUID is executed.
Specifies the optional value for ECX before CPUID is executed.

Resource Requirements



To display Brand string, type:

fs0:/> udiag cpu cpuid

To execute CPUID with EAX=4 and ECX=2 (level 2 cache information), type:

fs0:> udiag cpu cpuid 4 2