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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Create a Snapshot With the Oracle ILOM Web Interface

Before You Begin

To perform this procedure, you need the Admin (a) role enabled.


Caution  -  You should not run this utility unless requested to do so by Oracle Services.

  1. Log in to the Oracle ILOM web interface.
  2. In the navigation pane, click ILOM Administration —> Maintenance.

    The Firmware Upgrade page appears.

  3. Click the Snapshot tab.

    The Service Snapshot Utility page appears.

    Note -  Some Oracle ILOM windows might look slightly different.

    image:Picture of data snapshot window.
  4. Click the data set you want:
    • Normal – Specifies that Oracle ILOM, operating system and hardware information is collected.
    • FRU ID – Provides FRU ID information.
    • Full – Specifies that all data is collected. Clicking Full might reset the system.
    • Custom – Allows you to select one or more of the following data sets:
      • ILOM data

      • Hardware data

      • Diagnostic data

      • Basic OS data

      • FRUID data

  5. Click the Enabled check box if you want to collect only log files from the data set.
  6. Click the Enabled check box if you want to encrypt the output file.
  7. Select one of the following methods to transfer the output file:
    • Browser

    • SFTP

    • FTP

  8. Click Run.

    A Save As dialog box appears.

  9. In the dialog box, specify the directory to which to save the file and the file name.
  10. Click OK.

    The utility places a zip file in the specified directory.

  11. Unzip the file to access the data produced by the snapshot.

    Note -  Use openssl to decrypt an encrypted file.