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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Run the U-Boot Diagnostic Tests

  1. Attach a serial terminal to the SER MGT port on the SP.

    Refer to your server's documentation for details.

  2. Power on or restart the server.

    Refer to your server's installation or administration guide for details.

  3. Watch for the following prompt and do one of the following:

    Enter Diagnostics Mode {'q'uick/'n'ormal (default)/e'x'tended]...

    • To run in normal mode, type n or let the countdown continue to run.

    • To enable Quick U-Boot tests, type q.

    • To enable Extended U-Boot component tests, type x.

  4. Read the output, as described in U-Boot Diagnostic Test Output.

    If any test fails, the test stops at that test and displays a FAILED message, and the SP does not boot. Further actions might include:

    • If you were running in normal mode, consider running the tests in extended mode.
    • Contact Oracle support.

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