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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Run Pc-Check Diagnostics

  1. Ensure that the host is in standby power mode.
    • The Power/OK LED on the front panel should be flashing.
    • The Oracle ILOM System Information page should indicate that the host power is off.
  2. Log in to the Oracle ILOM web interface.
  3. Click Host Management —> Diagnostics.

    The Diagnostics page appears.

    image:Figure showing the Diagnostics view.
  4. From the Run Diagnostics on Boot list, select the level of Pc-Check diagnostics to be run.
    • Manual – Runs Pc-Check in manual mode and brings you to a Pc-Check menu.

    • Disabled – Pc-Check does not run. Use this selection for normal system operation.

    • Enabled – Runs basic diagnostics and takes about 3 minutes.

      This selection is reserved for Oracle Service personnel.

    • Extended – Runs detailed diagnostics and takes about 30 minutes.

      This selection is reserved for Oracle Service personnel.

  5. Click Host Control.
  6. Click Diagnostic partition from the Next Boot Device menu.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Start redirection:
    1. In the navigation pane, click Remote Control —> Redirection.

      The Launch Redirection page appears:

      image:Figure showing redirection page
    2. Click the Launch Remote Control button.

      The redirection is established. Because the host is in standby power mode, the view should be empty.

  9. Power on the host.
    1. In the navigation pane, click Power Control.

      The Server Power Control page appears.

      image:Figure showing Remote Power Control page
    2. In the Select Action drop-down list, click Power On.
    3. Click Save.

      The host begins its startup sequence.

  10. Return to the Redirection page.

    If the redirection page is not open, click Remote Control —> Redirection in the navigation pane.

    The host startup messages appear. After POST, the Pc-Check menu appears.

  11. If a license agreement display appears, type Enter to continue.
  12. Follow the prompts to open the Pc-Check main menu.

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