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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

UEFI Diagnostics Output

This section describes UEFI diagnostics output. The diagnostic output format is the same, regardless whether the output is displayed in a console (Manual mode) or in an output log file (Automatic mode).

If you experience any diagnostics test failures, contact Oracle Customer Support for assistance with interpreting diagnostics tests output.

Note -  Information-only commands do not display a test result unless an error such as an invalid parameter has been detected.

At the completion of the test, UEFI diagnostics displays test results in one of two formats:




  • COMMAND_ID – Indicates all command instances that run in parallel, sequentially starting at 0.

  • COMMAND_NAME$INSTANCE_ID – Specifies the hierarchical command name of the command, and the instances of the command as a decimal number, starting at 1.

  • PASS or FAIL, displayed as Pass=<pass_count>, or Fail=<error_count> – Indicates that the test has either passed or failed, and should be consistent with the -pc and -ec flag settings. For example, if a test is invoked with -pc 10, then the execution status should display as Pass=10 if no error was detected.

  • ERROR_STATUS, displayed as Time Out, Aborted, Killed, Unknown Error, or UEFI_ERROR – Indicates that the command either failed to start a test or encountered a serious error that prevented it from completing the test.

Note -  The Time Out status typically indicates a failure for the boot strap processor portion of the command to communicate with the application processor portion of the command. This status should not be confused with the -time flag, which simply places a limit on the amount of test time.

An example of UEFI diagnostics tests output is shown below.

MEMORY test:
- Use walking 0's
0: test$1 : Pass=1, Fail=0
- Use walking 1's
0: test$1 : Pass=1, Fail=0
- Move blocks of data around
0: test$1 : Pass=1, Fail=0

TPM PPLL test:
- Physical Presence Life time Lock is not set
0: tpm : Pass=0, Fail=1