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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Run UEFI Diagnostics Using the Oracle ILOM Web Interface

Before You Begin

Access the Oracle ILOM web interface.

  1. Verify that the host is in Standby power mode.
    • The Power/OK LED on the front panel is flashing.
    • The Oracle ILOM System Information page indicates that the host power is off.
  2. (Test-level dependent) To run Manual mode tests or to monitor the progress of Enabled or Extended level testing, start a remote system console session:
    1. In the navigation pane, click Remote Control → Redirection.

      The Launch Redirection page appears.

    2. Select Use video redirection, then click the Launch Remote Console button.

      A number of dialog windows might appear. Click to accept them as necessary.

      A redirection window appears when the redirection is established.

  3. Click Host Management → Diagnostics.

    The Diagnostics page appears.

  4. From the Run Diagnostics on Boot list box, select the UEFI diagnostics mode that you want to start.

    For information on UEFI diagnostics levels, see UEFI Diagnostics Overview.

  5. Click the Save button.
    • If the host server is an Oracle Server X4-4, X4-8, X5-4, or X5-8 equipped with Oracle ILOM 3.2.4 or newer, select Start Diagnostics.

      This causes the host server to boot and starts the UEFI diagnostic tests.

      For these systems, you can stop the tests by selecting Stop Diagnostics.

    • On other systems, the server automatically boots and starts the UEFI diagnostics tests.
  6. If you run UEFI Diagnostics in Manual mode:
    • For Oracle Server X4-4, X4-8, X5-4, and X5-8 systems equipped with Oracle ILOM 3.2.4 or newer, select Stop, and then change the diagnostic mode to Enabled, Extended, or Disabled.
    • For other systems, power off the system before switching the diagnostic mode to Disabled.

      For these systems, you must return the server to Disabled diagnostics mode before you can set the diagnostics mode to Enabled or Extended.

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