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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Recover the SP Firmware Image Using the Preboot Menu

The Preboot menu provides the ability to recover the Oracle ILOM firmware image by updating (flashing) the SP firmware.

Normally, if the host is running, you can update the SP using the Oracle ILOM CLI or the web interface.

If the host is powered off and the SP firmware image becomes corrupted (making the server SP inaccessible using Oracle ILOM), you can use the following procedure to update it using the Preboot menu.

Note -  This feature is not supported on Sun Server X4-4, Sun Server X4-8, or newer.

Before You Begin

To update the SP firmware, you must have the correct .pkg file, and a TFTP server that your server's SP can access over a network connection.

The .pkg file is part of the firmware package. For information about getting firmware packages, see Getting Server Module Firmware and Software.

  1. Access the Preboot menu.

    For more information, refer to Accessing the Preboot Menu.

  2. At the Preboot prompt, type:

    Preboot> net config

    Preboot> net dhcp

    This configures a DHCP network.

    You need to be connected to a network that has access to the TFTP server.

  3. Type:

    Preboot> net ping tftpIPaddress

    where tftpIPaddress is the IP address of a TFTP server.

    This checks to see if the TFTP server is accessible over the network.

  4. Enter the command:

    Preboot> net flash tftpIPaddress path/ ILOM-version-server.pkg


    • tftpIPaddress is the IP address of a TFTP server

    • path is the path to the file relative to /tftpboot

    • version is the version of SP firmware

    • server is the name of your server

    For example:

    Preboot> net flash images/ILOM-3_0_x_x_rxxxx-Sun_Fire_X4800M2.pkg

    This downloads and flashes the firmware image. After a series of messages, the Preboot prompt appears.

  5. Restart the SP. Type:

    Preboot> reset

    The Preboot menu exits and service processor reboots.