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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

Fixing Problems with Oracle ILOM Using the Preboot Menu

The Oracle ILOM Preboot menu is a utility that can be used to fix problems with Oracle ILOM that cannot be fixed while it is running. It allows you to interrupt the Oracle ILOM boot process, configure settings, then continue booting Oracle ILOM.


Caution  -  Security Hazard. Depending on the configuration, use of the Preboot menu might cause security vulnerabilities for your hardware and software. For maximum security, restrict use of the Preboot menu to the physical location of the server. The check_physical_presence setting in Oracle ILOM should remain enabled (true). For more information about possible security vulnerabilities when using the Preboot menu, refer to your platform Security Guide.

This section includes the following subjects:

Describes how to access the Preboot menu.
Provides a summary of Preboot menu commands.
Describes how to use the edit command to configure the Preboot menu.
Describes how to use the Preboot menu to restore Oracle ILOM access to the serial console.
Describes how to recover the SP firmware image using the Preboot menu.