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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016


Lists available HII forms or invokes an HII form.

This command displays HII forms registered in the HII database and allows the user to activate a form and navigate through it.

This command allows you to change parameters on any form-based driver configuration menu; however changing form parameters is highly discouraged.

If you modify the value on any form and save your changes, the server reboots. If no save occurs, control returns to the Shell.

Command Syntax

hiiforms list

hiiforms <form_no>


Displays forms registered in the BIOS HII database.
Specifies the form number, shown in 'hiiforms list', and activates the form navigator.

Resource Requirements



To list avaiable forms, type:

fs0:\> mp hiiforms list

This might display:

    1: iSCSI Configuration                                          
    2: LSI MegaRAID <LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i> Configuration Utility
    3: Server Mgmt                                                  
    4: Setup                                                        
    5: Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection - 00:10:E0:22:88:6C 
    6: Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection - 00:10:E0:22:88:6D 

The numbers in the first column are the valid <form_no> values.

To activate a form (for example Setup):

fs0:\> mp hiiforms 4

This activates the BIOS setup menu.