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Oracle® x86 Server Diagnostics, Applications, and Utilities Guide

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Updated: June 2016

storage info

The storage info command displays storage information retrieved from SCSI commands. Storage devices include USB, SATA, and SAS devices. Information from all storage devices include product name, serial number, and capacity. If the device is a hard disk, it also includes ECC errors, temperature, in-service data, total and maximum starts/stops, and total and maximum loads/unloads.

The LSI RAID host bus adapters (HBAs) use two separate devices to describe attached SAS devices. One is the physical SCSI device and the other is the virtual block device. To view disk statistics, and other information, use the physical SCSI device (HDDx). For information on the RAID partition, use the virtual block device (VHDx).

The non-RAID HBAs use only one device to describe attached SAS devices.

Command Syntax

udiag storage info [ <device_name> ]


Must be entered as HDDx, SATAx, USBx, VHDx, NVMEx, or VFD, where x represents the index of the device. The index of the device can be found by running the udiag storage info command. This command lists all devices.

Resource Requirements



To get information on all devices, type:

fs0:/> udiag storage info

To get information on HDD02, type:

fs0:/> udiag storage info HDD02